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The Pipeline Trail

The 15.4 mile Pipeline Trail will provide an important, safe route for people walking, bicycling, and using other modes of active transportation between a major transit center, neighborhoods, schools, parks, and other destinations. The Pipeline Trail is a collaboration between the City of Tacoma, Pierce County and Tacoma Water. 

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About the Trail

The Pipeline Trail will extend from the Tacoma Dome Transit Center into Downtown Tacoma through east Tacoma, then to the southwest through unincorporated Pierce County to the South Hill area and a new Pierce County Parks' property, 100 Acre Woods. The trail will then join the Foothills Trail extending on to Mt. Rainier National Park. 

Visit the Trail

Most of the Pipeline Trail is owned by Tacoma Water and runs above the underground water pipeline for which the trail is named. Much of the alignment is gravel and while it is not currently maintained and trail users will need to navigate gates placed to keep out cars, people are welcome to walk, run, and bicycle along the route. Click here to view Tacoma Bike Ranch's account of a recent tour of the Pipeline Trail to learn more about current conditions.

Current Status

The City of Tacoma is currently working to design and build the section of trail that will connect Downtown Tacoma, at the Tacoma Dome Transit Center, to the paved section of the trail near First Creek Middle School, Swan Creek Park, and the future site of Metro Park's Tacoma's Eastside Community Center. Construction on this section of trail is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2018. Click here to view updates on this phase of the Pipeline Trail.  

Why It Matters

The AT COI's Tahoma to Tacoma Trail Network Benefit Report details the economic, equity, access, and health benefits that would result from a trail system connecting Mt. Rainier and Point Defiance Park in Tacoma. As one of the top priorities of our coalition, the Pipeline Trail was specifically studied. This analysis shows that if the Pipeline Trail were completed today, Pierce County could see an increase of 2,435,000 miles biked and 544,000 miles walked per year with 2,090,000 fewer miles traveled by automobiles. Fewer cars on the roads lead to cleaner air and water and less traffic congestion. The Pipeline Trail would provide access to 12,683  households without vehicles and 37,616 people below the poverty line. An increase in tourism would also be expected with 25,500 more visitors spending $2,033,000 per year. 

All in all,  the Pipeline Trail could provide over $1 million per year in health benefits, $81,873,000 in one-time property value benefits, almost $2.5 million per year in transportation benefits, over $2 million per year in economic benefits, and $70,000 per year in environmental benefits. This adds up to a total of $5,615,000 per year in community benefits as a direct result of completing the Pipeline Trail.

To learn more  about the full potential benefits of completing the Pipeline Trail, click to view the Tahoma to Tacoma report below.